exercises that keep you looking great

Most people are thinking that having a great looking body is another ideal that only a few can achieve. What they don’t realize is that it is not as difficult to attain, though it needs a stronger amount of determination, but once you set your mind to thinking that it can be done, so it shall. There are a couple of age old exercises that doesn’t require heavy and bulky machines, just your body and gravity.
Here are 5 exercises that will tone and shape your body keep you looking great.
Running or jogging, whether indoors or outdoors, is a great cardio vascular exercise requiring only a pair of durable running shoes. It strengthens the different muscle groups of the lower body and also trims and works the abdomens. This cardio exercise also gives the body over all sense of refreshment as it encourages the circulatory system to perform better, distributing fresh oxygen to the whole body. A mere 30 minutes of jogging or running can burn more than 300 calories.
Push ups
An excellent way to develop the arms and the chest muscles without relying on heavy gym equipments is push ups. Push ups involve lowering and pushing the body up while it it lying in a horizontal position, facing down. This will tone and shape the arms and chest muscles effectively as this exercise zeroes in on those muscle groups.
If you are a beginner, and finds push ups to difficult, you can try wall presses. Wall presses involve the same procedure as push ups, only it is done facing the wall as your body is in a diagonal position. Do 18 push ups in three sets of six everyday and increasing it by one repetition a day.
Sit ups
Sit ups have toned abdominal muscles for years, though it’s not easy to perform at first, it will cling on you as you go ahead with it. This exercise involves lying on your back, with knees bent, and slowly elevating the upper body until all of it leaves the ground. This will help you get those picture perfect abs, but you should be careful as this exercise can produce strain on the lumbar region. Do not force the procedures for this exercise, listen to your body on how far it can go, particularly with the elevating.
Knee Bender
Knee bender is an exercise that the army applies. It involves standing with the feet shoulder width apart, hands to the thighs, and elbows back, and with counts, bending the knee as much as 90 degrees with the upper body retaining its position. This is a good exercise for developing lower body strength and toning the butt, legs and calves
Yoga is an ancient body stretching exercise system that helps tone the muscles while making the body flexible. This involves a lot of stretching position, each of the positions is particular to a certain muscle group. Yoga can also heighten your sense of awareness and will help relieve stress.
These are the 5 exercises that will keep you looking great, and all of these are just some of the different tools that you can use for you to achieve a great looking body. What it needs is you and a handful of determination and self will. Have that and you will be able to see that looking great is just as your birthright as breathing air.

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